Bad apples, deep-fried cookies and needles in a haystack

Computed tomography is a versatile inspection method. I am convinced about this after listening to some very interesting presentations at the ICT CT Conference in Wels, Austria. Did you know that you can predict the shelf-life of apples with high accuracy using  X-ray tomography? And optimize the ingredients of cookies?

In concrete castings, the alignment of reinforcement structures is critical. I saw examples of cylinder-shaped objects - supporting poles, where the segmented alignment scans reminded of needles in a haystack. With the wrong kind of alignment, the durability of the object can be hazardous.

The ICT conference is arranged every 2 years. It started as an academic conference, but today there are more and more industrial manufacturers & integrators attending. I presented a poster about Statistical Inversion reconstruction including various application cases. To sum up, it was stimulating that most of the attendees were interested about reconstruction methods. Artefact removal techniques were also strongly on display.

Janne Käpylehto
Vice President, Business Development
Eigenor Corporation