Giant leaps in reconstruction software

Eigenor software products have two major application areas: 3D X-ray imaging (tomography) and radar systems. We offer unique solutions for challenges in both platforms. Eigenor technology improves imaging quality, makes process faster, opens new application areas for example in aerospace X-ray inspection applications. Eigenor software can be integrated into your measurement system, and its sophisticated algorithms guarantee radical improvements. Utilizing available data more efficiently, Eigenor's solution also extends the lifetime of X-ray imaging devices and reduces patient dose in medical applications.

X-ray Tomography

Medical - Lower patient dose

Medical X-ray imaging is nowadays facing many challenges and one of them is how to lower the patient dose without compromising the image quality. So far the solution has been lowering the radiation of each projection. To dramatically lower the patient dose there needs to be more efficient strategy. 

Eigenor reconstruction software is a solution how you can cut down the number of projections significantly and still maintain image quality of your CT units - serve your patients with healthier imaging. For hospitals this is great, they can scan more patients in an hour than before, since te scanning procedure is faster. Less dose means also longer lifetime for the X-ray source and detector, you can save greatly in maintenance costs.

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Industrial - Fast and efficient 3D X-ray inspections

The complexity of industrial products and components are increasing all the the time and 2D X-ray isn't capable of revealing all the information you would want to. Knowing your product inside out is very important to reach high quality. 3D X-ray imaging is a very powerful inspection tool for industry sector.

You can use 3D X-ray during manufacturing, quality testing, process development, maintenance and checking customer returns. The key is to make the imaging fast and increase throughput keeping the overall process intact. Eigenor software will let you exploit the full potential of 3D X-ray unit in laboratory or product line environment.

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Simulation service - Fast track to validate your 3D X-ray imaging concept

New application and new products to be measured with X-ray. Ordinary 2D data isn't enough. You would need to know what kind of X-ray measurements to do in order to check the quality of your product. Sound familiar? We can offer a shortcut to validate your ideas without expensive hardware prototyping and much faster.

Designing a new 3D X-ray unit is a big project. Even changing the 3D X-ray machine design for better imaging process is difficult. Prototyping is really expensive so getting everything correct on the first run would be ideal. Producing great 3D results is the most important task of the 3D unit. Eigenor simulation service is an excellent way to manage product development of new 3D unit or a design change, since you can see what kind of 2D X-ray projections the new machine would produce and how the 3D results would look like with the chosen reconstruction method. Validate your mechanical design as early as possible to speed up your product development and make huge cut in prototyping costs.

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Radar systems

Weather radars

Eigenor offers an advanced signal-processing solution for weather radars. The algorithms can be used to improve the output products of any Doppler radar, but the greatest innovations are tailored specifically for modern polarimetric radars. Advanced adaptive ground clutter removal algorithm ensures excellent precipitation results.

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Wind park assessment

Eigenor can help wind park constructors to have accurate report on wind turbine effects on weather radars - before the actual construction. This might also be required to have the permit to build wind park near radars. Report includes modeled results on clutter, recommendations for mitigation and discussion on the severity of the effect. As wind energy construction is growing rapidly, this is a valuable tool for estimating the actual effects.