The Butcher and Computed Tomography

A visit to the butcher is hardly the first thing that comes to mind when you start working in a high-tech software company. After joining Eigenor six months ago, I found several companies in the food processing industry who utilize X-ray inspection equipment. So two weeks ago I drove to our local butcher and collected the forequarter of a pig.

My colleague Janne and I then visited our partner's CT unit. First on the list was some sample preparation, then we carried out the measurements and returned to the office with 2D projection data. After a couple of days and some R&D, we had reconstruction volumes in which bones, muscles and fat could be identified - a promising result which encourages us to go forward with this application. 

We've been contacting companies in different industries including metal, rubber, composite materials and electronics, as well as museums. I wonder who we'll be visiting next time to prove how our product performs: could it be a tyre supplier, or perhaps an antique dealer?



Pekka Kivinen

Vice President, Sales

Eigenor Corporation