CT and every day work

How to test the quality of your X-ray equipment, software and measurements? Achievements in sub-sea x-ray measurements? How to use CT in mass production, incoming inspection and customer complaint analysis? Those and numerous other topics were discussed when more than 150 professionals were meeting in GE 9th X-ray forum. This time the Forum was in the end of August in Hannover.

In general there seems to be some trends in the market which generate more business for CT. New machines and detectors are faster and generate better results. There are also new machines for special applications: castings at-line analysis and sub-sea X-ray. At the same time CT is used in everyday work in more and more effective ways. There were companies who make tens of thousands CT measurements every year. Results were also impressive: better incoming quality, less quality costs, better products from prototype testing, better tools for plastics, new findings in museums etc. Common to all those heavy users was need to improve reconstruction quality and speed or both. There were several companies who told their machines are running at full speed or results are not good enough.

Most of those companies were interested in EigenorĀ“s solution and mentioned this could be the way to use their machines in more effective way. Forum was a good show including a visit to Hannover Zoo, Avionics Museum and GE factory. For Eigenor it was a place to see we have predicted the industry trends and can fulfill our customerĀ“s expectations.

Pekka Kivinen
Vice President, Sales
Eigenor Corporation