Interest towards Statistical Inversion Mathematics is growing rapidly

Mathematics is maybe the oldest form of science, but Statistical Inversion is a fairly new method. Finland - and Sodankylä have a major concentration in scientists specialized in Statistical Inversion. Possibilities for using the technology in various applications have been limited, because of the challenging needs for calculation power and particularly for memory. Moore's law is doing its job, you could say.

Article 'Correlation priors' is currently the most read article in the journal Inverse problems and Imaging by American institute of Mathematical Sciences. The article has authors from Eigenor and from organizations working closely with Eigenor. This is a nice achievement and demonstrates how our company is working as a link between basic research and commercialization.

On some areas, new revolutionary measurement setups become possible only by using Statistical Inversion based mathematical algorithms. Eigenor’s application portfolio includes both highly efficient versions of traditional methods and unique, advanced methods which are at least a decade ahead of other racers in the industry.

Mathematics as a business can sound a bit boring, but usually after explaining the application areas of Eigenor technology in detail we hear the comment 'who said that mathematics is not interesting' - and this has become one of our slogans.

Janne Käpylehto
Vice President, Business Development