Inverse Days in Inari

The Finnish Inverse Days took place this year in Inari, in the Northern Lapland. Eigenor has often had presence in this annual event organized by the Finnish Inverse Problems Society, and this year it was my turn to participate. While the Sun was nowhere to be seen, rising the next time in mid-January, the talks themselves were very enlightening.

The conference attracted a hundred participants internationally. There was considerable progress on multiple fronts, with a number of different methods showing a lot of promise, although most of them were still in the prototyping phase. We feel important to be a part of these developments already at this stage, all while concentrating in creating fully functional products to meet the demanding resolution and timing requirements of our customers.

Add to that socializing with the thriving Finnish inverse mathematics community, and I'm certain we will have no trouble finding volunteers for next years event as well.

Dr. Mikko Vepsäläinen
Software Developer
Eigenor Corporation