Invest now and invest to 3D X-ray

When times are hard, good hopes do not bring in more turnover. But can you increase your profit? Is the quality of your incoming materials, parts or components good enough? Have you line stops? With a decent 3D X-ray unit designed for your purposes you can detect lack in promised quality. By knowing your part (composite, plastic, steel,wood, etc) inside out you can start discussions with your suppliers about quality improvements and generate more profit.

Production process - do you get rejects? You do not know which part is under adequate quality control? 3D X-ray inspections have spread to to new areas where it was earlier considered impossible, large composites, heavy industrial parts, PCB to name a few. Arrange intermediate checkpoints to your process, improve and get more profit.

Are you satisfied with your R&D efficiency? Do you have loads of mechanical or optical measurement instruments for inspection and metrology? Go for 3D X-ray. Accurate X-ray measurements provide precise reconstructions which are commonly used for metrology or reverse engineering purposes. With one measurement you get direct feedback to your R&D, you're able to compare results with your CAD models, and get more profit.

Do you get customer rejects? Measure returned products with 3D X-ray and find if the reason was material, process or your R&D. Fix the problem, and get more profit.

Are you running all above mentioned already? Your machines are running 24/7 and you have done everything you can. How about increasing your inspection throughput and prolong equipment life time? In that case you need to contact us. With our software you can use less X-ray projections to shorten the measurement time and thus increase throughput and equipment life time. And get more profit.


Pekka Kivinen
Vice President, Sales