Sales gearshift, engage

Eigenor has a stable customer base, but we can do a lot more with our technology. To this end, we are recruiting a new sales director with high demands. The director should have experience in international software sales, preferably with conglomerates.

I’ve been asking for tips from several friends who work in this field. The answers have been the same: yes we have, but we won’t lose them – they are too valuable. Also I’ve been reminded that the compensation package needs to be quite interesting to get this kind of experienced people excited.

After our successful investment round, we have a stable operational environment and now we’re aiming for accelerated growth, mostly on the international market. Challenges include long sales cycles, a clear understanding of our groundbreaking technology and an extremely narrow product field.

We concentrate on reconstruction in tomography – a CT device has a lot of other software too, but reconstruction is the part which can make the most difference, and gives the most added value.

Are you interested in becoming part of our dynamic and exciting future? Please check our vacancies page.

Janne Käpylehto
Business Development Manager
Eigenor Corporation