Seafood and CT in Baltimore

Last week I attended the 40th annual QNDE conference, which was this time held in Baltimore. The event attracted nearly 400 participants from all over the world in a very relaxed and informal atmosphere. A broad spectrum of excellent research was presented in the parallel sessions, most of which still in the development phase, followed by fruitful discussions.


In the dedicated radiography session I gave a presentation of what Eigenor software can do with noisy measurements and a limited angular access. In many situations where the measured object is either large or hard to access because of supporting structures the use of standard CT software fails and one has to look for more advanced algorithms. A number of other speakers also presented growing research interest on iterative reconstruction methods with similar smoothing approach we have been using in our product.

Personally, as a relative newcomer to the NDE field, it was particularly interesting to get a comprehensive view on the different methods and application areas of nondestructive evaluation. With aging infrastructure the need for reliable structural health monitoring and prolonged equipment lifetime is continually growing in importance.


Dr. Mikko Vepsäläinen
Software Developer
Eigenor Corporation