Eigenor’s staff represents experience and competences from the fields of academic science, industrial software programming, and commercial hardware development. Our development team members are unique experts in advanced mathematics and statistical inversion in particular.
Some of our key persons:

Pekka Kivinen, Vice President, Sales
Pekka has a long experience in management positions in companies including Nokia, Teleste, Elcoteq and Aspocomp. He is the former managing director of Oxford Instruments Analytical Oy. Pekka brings unique knowledge to the Eigenor team about industrial manufacturing and testing processes. Pekka relaxes in his summer house on an island.

Janne Käpylehto, Vice President, Business Development
Janne has over 10 years of experience from the ICT-cluster. He is also a former entrepreneur in renewable energy. Janne has been studying in the Aalto university School of Science and Technology and he also has a degree in photography. He spends his free time with his family, goes swimming or plays chess.

Max Salmi, Vice President, Technology
Max has background in Mathematics and Software development at the Helsinki University which gives him a fresh approach to complex software issues. As the youngest member of the Eigenor team, Max brings an new and agile view to development and business side. Max’s hobbies include snowboarding, bicycling and board games.

Heikki Multamäki, Chairman of the Board
Heikki holds a master's degree in technical physics from the Helsinki University. He has recently retired from a long and rewarding career in Tekla Corporation. Heikki's hobbies include grandchildren, sailing and a summer cottage by the lake.