Company brochures

Here are some useful brochures and white papers about Eigenor products and their features:

  • Input parameters for Eigenor X-ray tomography software
  • PC hardware recommendations for Eigenor X-ray tomography software are under update

Scientific publications

Here you can find some scientific articles, in which Eigenor employees have contributed:

  • Vepsäläinen M., Markkanen M., Sungberg P.
    X-ray Tomography of Large Objects with Limited Measurement Angle
    (2014) AIP Conference Proceedings, 1581, pp. 1800-1807.
  • Sierwald J., Huhtamäki J.
    Adaptive ground clutter removal for triple-prt setup
  • Markkanen, M., Vierinen, J.
    Polyphase alternating codes
  • Roininen, L., Lehtinen, M.S., Lasanen, S., Orispää, M., & Markkanen, M.
    Correlation priors
    (2011) Inverse Problems and Imaging, 5 (1), pp. 167-184.
  • Pirttilä, J., Lehtinen, M.S., Huuskonen, A., & Markkanen, M.
    A proposed solution to the range-Doppler dilemma of weather radar measurements by using the SMPRF codes, practical results, and a comparison with operational measurements
    (2005) Journal of Applied Meteorology, 44 (9), pp. 1375-1390.
  • Lehtinen, M.S., Huuskonen, A., & Markkanen, M.
    Randomization of alternating codes: Improving incoherent scatter measurements by reducing correlations of gated autocorrelation function estimates
    (1997) Radio Science, 32 (6), pp. 2271-2282.
  • Nygrén, T., Markkanen, M., Lehtinen, M., Tereshchenko, E.D., & Khudukon, B.Z.
    Stochastic inversion in ionospheric radiotomography
    (1997) Radio Science, 32 (6), pp. 2359-2372.
  • D'Ambrogi, B., Mäenpää, S., & Markkanen, M.
    Discretization independent retrieval of atmospheric ozone profile.
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  • Saksman, E., Nygren, T., & Markkanen, M.
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