Advanced radar technology book

Monday, December 14, 2015 - 14:30

Eigenor is proud to announce the publication of a book titled "Triple-PRT Signal Processing for Weather Radars". The work contains a solid description of our unique radar signal processing techniques employing ideas ranging from statistical inversion mathematics to polarimetric characteristics of meteorological targets. The book was written mainly on topics that we researched in the MMEA (Measurement, Monitoring and Environmental Efficiency Assessment) program, through which we had the privilege to collaborate with world-class partners including the Vaisala Group, University of Helsinki, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Colorado State University and a platoon of leading radar scientists around the globe. 

The main goal of our signal processing solution is to improve the quality of meteorological moments compared to previously existing methods. The output data contains quantities such as the reflectivity, velocity and various polarimetric products. These are all vital to weather monitoring, forecasting, nowcasting, warning systems and making rainfall estimates. The improved system is provided as a software upgrade applicable to modern polarimetric Doppler radars.

One of the key benefits is to cover the entire velocity range of typical weather phenomena without compromising any of the other output products. This is achieved by transmitting pulses with the weather radar at non-uniform intervals (hence the term "triple pulse repetition time"). The system is especially advanced in removing unwanted echoes, such as ground clutter, from the measured signal. This is carried out in an adaptive manner based on the severity of clutter contamination thus avoiding artifacts often seen with traditional methods.

Findings collected in the book have been previously presented at international conferences, such as the ERAD2012, AMS2013, ERAD2014 and AMS2015.

A limited edition of hard cover books have just arrived from print. You can order your own copy now by email or via contact us. Price of the book is 129 euros, shipping will be added based on your country. The book has over 200 pages describing the novel weather radar analysis methods and demonstrating the results. Most of the results are based on real measurements that have been conducted in Helsinki with a C-band weather radar. You can download the contents and forewords of the book from here.

Jukka Huhtamäki
Eigenor Corporation