Eigenor joined PIA

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 13:00

Eigenor joined PIA - Association of Finnish Defence and Aerospace Industries 

Last week Eigenor was accepted as a member of PIA (http://www.afda.fi/), an association, which covers all defence (ground, sea and air), space and security industries on a  national level in Finland. PIA also acts as the Finnish representative in ASD (AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe, http://www.asd-europe.org/site/), in NDIA (National Defence Industry Associations) and in NIAG (NATO Industrial Advisory Group). PIA has roughly 100 industry members and has been active since 1994. Through this membership Eigenor seeks a close cooperation with Finnish Military Forces and other industrial partners, who work globally in the defence and security businesses. Eigenor radar product, WnD, raised much interest in the annual summer meeting of PIA.

Eigenor looks forward to the future collaboration opportunities.