National Center for Nuclear Research of Poland trusts Eigenor software

Sunday, February 15, 2015 - 11:45

Finnish software company, Eigenor Corporation, delivers next generation 3D X-ray reconstruction software for high energy linear accelerators manufactured by National Center for Nuclear Research (NCBJ). The co-operation agreement between the organizations was signed in February 2015.

Eigenor software speeds up the 3D scanning process with linear accelerators significantly. The scanning time of heavy objects can be reduced up to one sixth what is traditionally required. Other reconstruction methods available in the market require full 3D scans, consuming many hours for scanning. Eigenor reconstruction software is built to work with considerably fewer 2D X-ray projections and thus decreases the scanning time to mere 15% of that what can be required with other approach.

The new system has raised interest among defense industry, especially for the quality control of heavy projectiles. Ordinary 2D X-ray inspection is not sufficient method for current requirements and now the significant reduction in scanning time with Eigenor software enables inspections in meaningful time.

NCBJ has over fifty year experience of linear accelerator manufacturing and Eigenor has over twenty year history of reconstruction software programming, so the jointly made new enhanced 3D X-ray inspection systems are of top quality.

Reconstruction of vacuum tube from the first test measurements

In March 2015 AFDA News 20th annivesary magazine will have a longer article about cooperation between Eigenor and NCBJ.