Eigenor Corporation has delivered CT reconstruction software to Metropolia Electria

Sunday, August 18, 2013 - 08:00

Eigenor reconstruction software expands X-ray measurement services provided by Electria, a section of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Eigenor TomoSuite enables 3D imaging with fast reconstruction. "Usability is very good and speed of Eigenor reconstruction is impressive. I am certain that this upgrade solves many measurement challenges that our customers have ", says Technology Manager Jarmo Tuppurainen from Metropolia.

Metropolia has a Phoenix X-ray(GE) Nanomex X-ray imaging unit. Typical measured objects are PCBs, machinery parts, printed material and plastic components. Electria offers both 2D and 3D imaging services for electronics, medical and machinery industries.

Homepage of Electria: http://www.metropolia.fi/palvelut/electria/