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Advanced radar technology book

Eigenor is proud to announce the publication of a book titled "Triple-PRT Signal Processing for Weather Radars". The work contains a solid description of our unique radar signal processing techniques employing ideas ranging from statistical inversion mathematics to polarimetric characteristics of meteorological targets.

Fraunhofer Institute and Eigenor develop CT methods together

Fraunhofer and Eigenor signed co-operation agreement during Q1 of 2015 for development of CT methods. Fraunhofer will be responsible for the X-ray hardware and Eigenor will provide the reconstruction software. One of the main goals is to compare different methods for industry and aim for breakthroughs in the field of discrete CT.

3DII management team visits Eigenor in Helsinki

Members of the 3D Industrial Imaging (3DII) management team visited Eigenor's R&D centre in Helsinki following signature of a cooperation agreement in the field of Computed Tomography (CT) reconstruction. 3DII is Korea's leading medical and industrial visualization software company. In-line industrial and low-dose medical applications are demanding a completely new level of performance from reconstruction algorithms. "Eigenor's world-class technology complements our products and opens up new ways of solving our customers' challenges," said Dr. Kenneth...

Poster Session at AMS 2013

We had an intensive three hour to explain our breakthroughs in triple-PRT signal processing at AMS 2013 Radar Conference in Breckenridge, Colorado. Below you'll find our posters in about adaptive ground clutter removal in downloadable format. Poster 1 by Jörn Sierwald ( 4 pages, 5.2MB) Poster 2 by Jukka Huhtamäki ( 4 pages, 14.2MB) We're more than happy to explain details.

Eigenor Corporation has delivered CT reconstruction software to Metropolia Electria

Eigenor reconstruction software expands X-ray measurement services provided by Electria, a section of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Eigenor TomoSuite enables 3D imaging with fast reconstruction. "Usability is very good and speed of Eigenor reconstruction is impressive. I am certain that this upgrade solves many measurement challenges that our customers have ", says Technology Manager Jarmo Tuppurainen from Metropolia.

Mathematical technology from Eigenor Corporation secured an investment

Eigenor Corporation has received a 0,6M € investment from software industry veterans. Investors are e.g. Gerako Ltd, a former shareholder of Tekla Corporation, Tatu Ylönen, CEO of SSH Corporation and Eero Heliövaara through his venture capital company. Eigenor Corporation is specialized in Statistical Inversion based algorithm development. Its products solve demanding medical and industrial metrilogical and modeling problems. Application fields include tomography and radar equipment.
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